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The NFU has created a suite of shareable infographics to help members showcase the British poultry industry on social media, covering both the egg and poultry sector.

From employing more than 100,000 people to creating the ingredients of the food we all love, British poultry farmers have a lot to be proud of. Help us share and showcase the great story that British farmers have to tell.

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Proud of Poultry

The NFU has launched a work stream called Proud of Poultry which aims to showcase the many positive initiatives the poultry industry has to offer. The campaign is designed to demonstrate to and educate a variety of audiences including schools, universities, government and the media on how efficient, innovative and dynamic the poultry sector is. In short, we are Proud of Poultry and want everybody to know about it!

A working document has been formed with a variety of articles, facts and figures, infographics and case studies. There are eight pillars of work being undertaken covering:

  • Demand
  • Food safety
  • Economic
  • Training
  • Efficiency
  • Environment
  • Welfare
  • Innovation and technology

There are four pillars printed and available to download by clicking on the headings below:

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The NFU's new Eggucation worksheets are now available to download, with an aim to help school children better understand the layer industry.

The worksheets include questions about the laying capabilities of commercial hens, encourage children to look out for the Red Lion stamp when in shopping in the supermarket and teach them about different laying systems.

Talking Turkey

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The NFU's new "Talking Turkey" worksheet is now available to download. The worksheet aims to support turkey farmers in teaching the general public all about British turkeys. 

The worksheets include questions about UK turkey production, where to buy a British turkey from as well as an activity to encourage children to think about the bird's welfare needs. 

If you require a large number of worksheets in hard copy for school visits please contact the NFU Poultry team