Putting British food on the menu in Westminster

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For the first time, the Palace of Westminster will serve approximately 9,000 “Back British Farming” meals throughout the week in all its restaurants to celebrate the fabulous food produced by British farmers.

NFU President Minette Batters said: “Back British Farming Day is a great opportunity to celebrate the unique role farmers play in feeding the nation and caring for the countryside. 

“Decisions made in Parliament must reflect the strategic importance of the food and farming sector to the nation. With more than 9,000 meals from the Back British Farming menu to be served across the week to MPs, researchers, decision-makers and visitors, food and farming is at the very centre of Westminster activity. 

“Farming is the backbone of life in Britain and it’s only right that it is put at the forefront of future policy so farmers can continue to produce safe, traceable and affordable food for the country.” 

Table talkers were displayed in every restaurant within the Palace of Westminster, encouraging MPs to thinking about the provenance of their food. 

Scott Pepe in House of Commons canteen_57335

Pictured above: NFU external affairs manager Scott Pepe sampling one of the Back British Farming meals in the Palace of Westminster. 

Here's how you can get involved:

You can help by tweeting your MP on the day, asking them to wear their #BackBritishFarming wheat pin badge at #PMQs. Don’t forget to include the hashtag #BackBritishFarming and @NFUtweets

Ahead of 12 September, you can retweet #BackBritishFarming and @NFUtweets

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