Shropshire members to meet with NFU Vice President


NFU Vice President Stuart Roberts will be in Shropshire for an uplands meeting with members that will also cover livestock health, BPS and other industry issues.

The meeting on 23 January will be at 12.30pm for a 1pm start at the Inn on the Green, Wentnor, Bishop’s Castle.

Shropshire farmers will also have the opportunity to hear from Thomas Binns, NFU Hill and Upland Forum chair, who is co-opted on to the National Livestock Board.

Mr Evans said: “This is a fantastic opportunity to hear from a national officeholder, whose sector portfolio includes crucial policy areas for Shropshire members.

“We are also delighted to be joined by Thomas Binns, who will be discussing NFU work to aid uplands farmers.

“This meeting will give Shropshire farmers real insight into some of the NFU’s work away from Brexit and I’m sure it will give them good information that they can take away and apply to their own businesses.”

All members are welcome to attend but are asked to register, for catering purposes, please contact the regional office on 01952 400500.

The meeting will be Mr Roberts’ first county meeting in his officeholder post; he currently farms beef and arable in Hertfordshire.

Mr Binns farms in partnership with his wife on a tenanted upland farm of 750 hectares which is situated in the Bowland AONB in Lancashire.

The farm has 2,500 breeding ewes consisting of Swaledales and Mules; lambs are both sold finished and for breeding.