Discounted GSCOP training for NFU members

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A good understanding of GSCOP is essential for any commercial negotiations with retailers. Training is a must for any business directly supplying retailers.The training is very interactive and focuses not just on understanding the code of practice, but also how suppliers can stand up for themselves while maintaining a strong working relationship with grocery retailers.

To book your training, please visit the British Brands Group website.

British Brands Group is hosting a face-to-face course on 28 September 2021.

The price is £500+VAT, to include lunch, refreshments and materials. NFU members can get a discount on this price. Please get in touch with Zm9vZGNoYWluZm9jdXNAbmZ1Lm9yZy51aw== for more details.

Please note:

  • An online course will be held should the face-to-face course have to be cancelled. 
  • Payment must be received in advance of the course. Refunds cannot be provided once a course place has been reserved and paid for.

GSCOP training testimonials:

From a direct supplier to a major retailer:

“The training gave me ways to continue building my relationship with my customer, without feeling I will damage it by raising Code related issues. I now use terms like; 'you know I can't give you a retrospective lump payment but what I can do is...' 

"This immediately pushes back on the buyer's request, subtly letting my buyer know I know my rights and they are pushing the boundaries of the Code."

From a direct supplier to a major retailer:

“I saved over £100k for my business by making a simple call during my GSCOP training."

From a senior manager, food manufacturer:

“If I’d attended this course a month ago, I’d have saved my company £50k."

This course is ideal for; CEOs/COOs, national account managers, commercial directors, commercial managers, finance teams and admin staff.

Course objectives

  • To understand what the GSCOP is, why it was set up, and its key elements.
  • To know how the GSCOP affects you and your job role.
  • To instil confidence on how to use the GSCOP/the GCA, including in trade negotiation situations.
  • To understand how trade associations can help, with Code clarifications or reporting breaches confidentially to the GCA or Code Compliance Officer.
  • To have the knowledge to better safeguard your business from unfair dealing.

Course content

  • The Groceries Supply Code of Practice (GSCOP) and why it was introduced.
  • What GSCOP does and does not cover.
  • Its implications for day-to-day trading relationships.
  • The role of the Groceries Code Adjudicator (GCA).
  • The options available and how to safeguard against unfair trading practices.
  • How the British Brands Group helps tip the balance back in suppliers’ favour.

If you are unsure if GSCOP training would benefit your business and would like to chat further with someone at the NFU, please contact us at

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