General Election 2019: Priorities for the sugar sector

  1. Evidence and science based approach to plant health: Decisions about plant health and plant protection products should always be based on the best available science and evidence. It is now more important than ever that UK growers have fair and equal access to plant protection products to allow us to compete with other countries on a level playing field.
  2. Improve market transparency: Because of the market situation in the UK with only a single buyer for sugar beet, it is crucial for the government to encourage greater market transparency and information so that NFU Sugar can continue ensure growers get a fair reward for the sugar beet they grow. The processing of sugar beet results in many coproducts besides sugar, and growers should be fairly rewarded for this.
  3. Recognise and protect the high standards of UK sugar beet production: All UK sugar beet is grown to the highest standard on Red Tractor assured farms and the UK has one of the most efficient sugar sectors in the world. This should be recognized and protected from imports which may have been grown to a lower standard in countries which allow plant protection products which could not be used here.
  4. Ensure a wider role for sugar beet in agriculture: Sugar beet performs many functions on the farm beyond providing a high-yielding crop. It’s a break crop which helps with integrated pest and disease management and provides useful habit for ground nesting birds and wildlife. Future farm support arrangements should recognize the wider benefits of growing sugar.

:: Download the key election asks for Sugar here.

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