General Election 2019: Priorities for the livestock sector

  1. Ensure regulation for livestock transport is fit for purpose: Our livestock transport regulations must be maintained in order to safeguard domestic transport standards. They should recognise the structure and diverse nature of the UK livestock sectors and be based on science and evidence. The NFU has developed a live export assurance scheme standard for slaughter and further feeding as this remains an important trade for farmers. If adopted this new scheme would further ensure an open and transparent system that seeks to raise standards across all points of the chain.
  2. Increase supply chain transparency: To improve fairness for the producer, the scope of processor voluntary code should be extended and moved onto a mandatory footing using the powers conferred on Ministers in the Agriculture Bill. Food labelling and market standards should also be made clear and consistent through clear country of origin and product descriptions in retail and in food service. The UK’s world leading livestock traceability service must be further developed to support both domestic and export markets but also to provide additional data to producers and others in the supply chain with the aim of supporting productivity and welfare schemes.
  3. Recognition of high quality standards of UK livestock production: The government must promote our high standards for a premium market both domestically and in future trade deals. It is paramount that the UK red meat sector is not undermined by imports produced to a lower standard. There must be recognition of red meat as part of a balanced diet and additional support for the sector for promotion and marketing.

:: Download the key election asks for Livestock here.

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