General Election 2019: Priorities for the dairy sector

Dairy prirorities General Election
  1. Regulate contract terms for dairy farmers: Dairy farmer want to see flexible and innovative regulation that delivers fair terms for them, as well as an equal balance of risk for buyers and farmers themselves. Mandatory price reporting in the dairy sector would support the delivery of volatility management mechanisms and provide farmers with greater market transparency and intelligence in order to manage their systems and output.
  2. Access to a sufficient work force: Dairy Herdsman should be added to the Shortage of Occupation List and the needs of the dairy sector must be taken into account in any future immigration policy. The dairy sector continues to suffer from a shortage of permanent labour on farms. Jobs within the dairy sector require hard working, skilled individuals who need significant on the job training and experience.
  3. Promote high quality British dairy abroad: Brexit presents an opportunity to open new markets to sell our high quality dairy produce across the world. The government must promote our sector to improve export opportunities whilst ensuring that farmers here are not undercut by imports of dairy products which would be illegal to produce here.
  4. Adopt an evidence-based approach to clean air strategy: Ensure that any new clean air strategy has an evidenced based approach to ammonia mitigation which does not impede the productivity or competitiveness of the dairy sector.

:: Download the key election asks for Dairy here.

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