Sheep and goat keepers: APHA data cleanse

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This is a significant undertaking which will involve examining over 110,000 records with the explicit aim of ensuring each record held has the correct information and any records that are no longer needed are closed. It is imperative that APHA has up to date records so that it can support sheep and goat farmers in delivering effective animal health. This information is particularly important in helping APHA to control disease outbreaks and better target its resource to reduce the spread of disease.

Up to date and accurate information will simplify sheep and goat keeper’s dealings with APHA and help them comply with their legal obligations to provide accurate information about their businesses.

What do I need to do?

If you receive a letter as part of this project it is vitally important you reply immediately using the enclosed form and pre-paid envelope.

NFU livestock board chairman Richard Findlay said:

“It is important that members are aware of this process and respond to APHA where necessary so that their records are as accurate as possible which will be essential in ensuring APHA is able to respond to disease outbreaks as swiftly as possible.”

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