VMD: Supply problems with animal medicines

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Their recent update include:

  • Vaccines for immunisation against Leptospira hardjo and Leptospira borgpetersenii

The VMD have been informed that there is now supply of two UK authorised Leptospirosis vaccines indicated for cattle: Leptavoid-H Suspension for Injection for Cattle Vm: 01708/4568 and Spirovac Vm: 42058/4134.

The VMD will no longer accept applications to import alternative products BioBos L injection for cattle, licensed in Czech Republic or Spirovac, licensed in the USA.

  • Local anaesthetic products containing procaine hydrochloride

The VMD is aware of UK availability issues with some veterinary medicinal local anaesthetic products containing procaine hydrochloride.

Information on authorised procaine hydrochloride-containing products and other local anaesthetics are available on the VMD’s Product Information Database.

Suppliers advise the UK authorised Pronestesic 40 mg/ml / 0.036 mg/ml Solution for Injection for Horses, Cattle, Pigs and Sheep (Vm 11557/4002) is currently available to meet present demand.

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