2020 Vision: Next Generation Forum

Simon Gadd leaning against a tractor

The Next Generation Forum has been focusing specifically on productivity and risk management, having engaged with CEJA, NFYFC and the WFO to shape views on agricultural policy. The forum has also played an instrumental role as part of the Senior Skills Group working towards an agri-food industry workforce and skills development strategy, and it hosted the first UK Next Generation Forum Conference held in September.

The Next Generation Forum will continue to actively engage with industry partners and the UK Farming Unions to work cohesively in tackling emerging policy challenges that face the farming sector.

Skills and training continue to be an important remit of the forum, while improving the appeal of the agriculture industry as offering a highly-skilled, enjoyable and well rewarded career path remains at the core of any future work.

The forum is exploring how to develop a professional framework and behaviours with recognised career paths in order to attract and retain a skilled, competent, motivated and professional workforce for the future in collaboration with others.

Hear more from our board and forum chairman on their plans for 2020 below: