Links and resources on net zero

Lleyn sheep, Commonwood Farm

We believe farmers and growers hold the power to make a massive contribution to combat climate warming. In uncertain times, we want farmers and growers to be more confident than ever before in building sustainable and resilient farming businesses.

See below for links to guidance to help you get started, which we will update regularly.

Here are some simple steps if you're not sure where to start:

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  • Take a look at the NFU’s Carbon Calculator Review. The first step on a net zero journey is to assess the likely emissions sources on farm as well as considering on farm carbon sequestration.
  • Championing the Farmed Environment (CFE) has Net Zero Action pages with advice to help you started with net zero on your farm.
  • NFU Energy offer guidance and services to support farm businesses manage their energy use and supply. Read their guide on solar energy.
  • NFU partner Tried & Tested provides tools and resources which are designed to assist in improving farm nutrient management, an important tool in reducing emissions.
  • The NFU has published 26 examples of how farmers are working towards net zero on their farms, showing how other farmers can make changes to their businesses to help achieve the NFU’s 2040 net zero ambition.

Looking for information to help set the record straight on agriculture and climate change?

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Are you ready to get started?

Add your farm to our net zero pledge map here, which showcases all the positive actions members are taking towards net zero in agriculture.

The more members who come together to make a pledge for net zero, the bigger change we can make. Each and every action counts.