NFU Hedges Competition: Win 100 metres worth of hedgerow plants

As part of the NFU’s net zero ambition we are committed to helping our members use hedges to help store carbon. Take a look at our hedges infographic below to see how hedges could benefit your farm.

 Hear from NFU member Jake Fiennes of Holkham Hall Estate about the fundamental importance of hedgerows for our landscape, wildlife and environment.

♦ See how making other small changes can help you in your net zero ambitions.

Are you working to improve, create or extend hedges on your farm?

Many NFU and NFU Cymru members are taking positive steps to work towards net zero by 2040 through growing hedges on farm, as well as host of other measures.

Hedgerows can store carbon above and below ground at an estimated 15 tonnes per hectare (tC/ha) as well as improving soil organic matter.

Tell us how hedgerows help your farming environment and be in with the chance of winning 100 metres worth of hedgerow plants, guards and hedgerow trees.

How can I get involved?

All NFU and NFU Cymru members can get involved. Take part today to be in with the chance of winning this fantastic prize. To take part, you must:

1. Make sure you have pledged for net zero.

2. Take a short (no more than 60 seconds) video, or image and caption. The video or image and caption must describe why hedgerows are important for net zero. Post the video or image and caption, with #Pledge2040 and #MOREhedges, to as many of your social channels as you can, but it must include as a minimum a twitter account.

3. Email your video or image and caption, with your email and membership number to bmV0emVyb0BuZnUub3JnLnVr.

Entries will go into a random prize draw and should be submitted before midnight on 16 July 2021, subject to the competition terms and conditions.

The winning entry will be provided with 100 metres worth of hedgerow plants and spiral protectors by the Woodland Trust. These will be delivered during tree planting season, between November and March, as part of the Woodland Trust's MOREhedgesproject funded by Lloyds Bank.

Need some inspiration?

As part of your video, you could show us how you've:

  • Laid a hedge
  • Planted a new one
  • Filled gaps
  • Changed management styles to improve biodiversity

Or you could talk about how your livestock use them as shelter. There are plenty of benefits you could choose to showcase.

Top tips for shooting the perfect selfie video

  • Avoid filming in windy locations or busy farm yards – unless you have a microphone that you can attach to your top. A strong wind can make the difference between being able to hear you or not.
  • Keep your video less than 60 seconds long.
  • Speak slowly and clearly.
  • Take the video in landscape rather than portrait.
  • Don't move the camera too fast.
  • Make sure you're in good light.