Loneliness Awareness Week

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The theme for this year’s campaign is acceptance that loneliness exists. The purpose is to encourage people to talk about loneliness in an attempt to remove any stigma and shame that may be felt around the subject.

Loneliness can affect us all

The campaign is organised by the Marmalade Trust, which has a vision to create a society where loneliness is recognised openly as something likely to affect us all.

You can find out more about Loneliness Awareness Week and how to get involved on the Marmalade Trust website.

Although loneliness is not a mental health issue in itself, it can have a negative impact on your mental health. Conversely, suffering from poor mental health can heighten the chances of feeling lonely.

Advice and support

If you feel like you might benefit from support, there are a number of national groups that are focused on supporting farming communities:

More information on each of these groups as well as other national and local groups can be found in the Prince’s Countryside Fund Directory of farm and Rural Support Groups.

The directory lists regional and national organisations who can provide help, support, advice and guidance to the farming community.