Somerset Levels flood plan announced

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We've welcomed an announcement by the Environment Secretary that a plan to alleviate flooding on the Somerset Levels will be drawn up within six weeks, “almost certainly” including a project to clear accumulated silt from the Parrett and Tone rivers.

"Everyone recognises that the Levels are supposed to flood, but the water must be able to recede. Clearly the capacity and conveyance of the Rivers Parrett and Tone is limiting that and it is encouraging to hear that the Secretary of State accept this.

“While dredging is not the only action needed it would have the greatest benefit in alleviating the amount of flooding and help speed up recovery efforts following future events. Crucially, it would build confidence that the government is listening and provide welcome relief to those who have been flooded.”

Around 11,500 hectares (28,420 acres) of the Somerset Levels are currently inundated by about 65 million cubic metres of water.