Our greatest lobbying asset: You

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MPs take heed of what their constituents say - they rely on them for their job after all - so it's vital that members take every opportunity to meet with their MPs and discuss the topical issues that, for better or for worse, are going to affect the way you run your businesses in the future.

5 Golden Rules for Lobbying your MP

Download our new flyer, '5 Golden Rules for Lobbying your MP' to make sure you are prepared for the next time you host your MP out on farm.

For more information on lobbying your MP, check out the page links below or email the NFU's external affairs team at TkZVbG9uZG9uQG5mdS5vcmcudWs=. You might also speak with your local Group Secretary to find out if there are any plans to meet with your local MP as a group in the near future.

Your regional NFU office can also assist with arranging these visits (find your regional office here).

Help with lobbying your MP: