NFU launches Healthy Harvest report

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A new report ‘Healthy Harvest’ has been launched by the NFU at the Cereals Event today (Wednesday) in response to concerns that already flat lining UK crop production will be sent into decline if British farmers c?ontinue to lose access to key crop protection materials.

Statistics show that since 2001 half of pesticides have been lost and over the lifetime of the newly elected EU Parliament another half could be banned through what is seen as overzealous regulation not properly backed up with sound science.

NFU Vice President Guy Smith, leading on the campaign, said: “The UK is fast becoming an over-regulated environment for British farmers who are losing their home markets to foreign farmers who have better access to more effective means of crop production.

“At a time when leading scientists are warning that within a generation the world could be facing a ‘perfect storm’ of food shortages, this is not time to be taking away the tools our farmers need to produce disease free, high yielding crops.

“British farmers need to be able to use the same, safe technology as their competitors if we are to have a productive agriculture producing healthy harvests.”

Notes to Editors:

  1. The Healthy Harvest campaign is a joint project between the NFU, Crop Protection Association (CPA) and Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC).
  2. The launch of the campaign is taking place on Wednesday June 11 at Cereals Event on the NFU stand (G-728-7) at 8.30am.
  3. For more information on our Healthy Harvest campaign click here.