Blog: What next for BPS?

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richard wordsworth, sps, bps rpa, nfu staff_170_22The BPS application deadline has passed. But there is still important paperwork to be done.

He writes:

Number One_64_64Got a receipt?
I can’t stress how important this is. If you or your agent posted your form to the RPA, one of you should have received a receipt in the post. That receipt should have arrived within five working days of sending to the RPA. If you haven’t got one yet then I advise you to contact the RPA on 03000 200 301. As highlighted below, every day really does count from now onwards.

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Number Two_64_64What if I haven’t submitted my form yet or I need to make a change to it?
There is a late application window that opened at midnight on 15th June. This allows you to put a claim form in - but there is a financial penalty. There is also time to amend your claim. However, if the change results in an increase in your payment, you will receive a financial penalty associated with that change.

There is some good news. If your change to your application is the withdrawal of a field or a notification of an error then you should not be penalised financially.

Still with me? Good. Here’s what you need to know about the financial penalties.

Every working day after June 15 there is 1% reduction on your claim payment. With amends to fields, the reduction applies only to those land parcels changed. There is a 3% per-working-day reduction for applications to the national reserve for new entitlements.

So every day really does count.  Hand delivering a claim or an amendment may be quickest option open to you going forward. More information on support can be found here.

If you want more information on the late application period and reductions please refer to the BPS in England 2015 handbook, found here, pages 50, 51, 59 and 61 as amended by the ‘How to apply for the 2015 BPS in England’ guide, page 4, which can be found here.


3_64_64If I need to amend a form, how do I do it?
You should send amendments by letter either in the post or via email within a PDF signed letter attached. A clearly set out letter, with SBI, claimant name and exactly what needs to be changed helps the situation. Don’t forget to ask for acknowledgement of your letter.

Number four, 4_64_64Don’t forget your greening undertakings
When greening EFA options needs to be present, refer to the revised BPS key dates in the ‘How to apply for the Basic Payment Scheme in England 2015’ guidance. For example, do not forget to establish in good time any catch / cover crop areas you have declared on the BP5 that are counting towards your EFA 5%.

Five_64_64Claim changes going forward
Keep your claim under review. Under BPS rules land must remain eligible all year in order for you to claim on it. If changes to land occur, please refer to BPS guidance to see what you need to tell the RPA.