In or out? Minette joins Cheltenham Festival debate

Minette Batters_275_413

Just days after the NFU revealed its new report looking how the farming industry is affected by its relationship with the European Union, our Deputy President was one of the guest’s on Saturday’s The Times panel.

She spoke alongside Clegg, Eurosceptic MEP Dan Hannan and entrepreneur and business owner Richard Reed, in a session charied by columnist and Today presenter Justin Webb.

She said: “It was a good opportunity for the NFU to engage at that level on such an important topic as the planned European Referendum and I was delighted to take part. It was also a chance to highlight the work the NFU has put into its newly published report which looks at the pros and cons of farming’s relationship within the European Union.

“There was a strong consensus that we do need some kind of reform on a European level. And the NFU must be part of the ongoing dialogue surrounding this debate, both in order to ensure our farmers are properly represented and for the benefit of our customers – the consumers.

“The challenge now, of course, is how do we communicate with the wider public about the issues surrounding a possible Brexit? The Cheltenham Literary Festival was one such opportunity and we look forward to looking at this subject as it progresses towards a vote.”