Flood-hit farmers' BPS payments a priority

meurig raymond flooding visit, cumbria, december 2

George Eustice confirmed today that 600 flood affected farmers in Cumbria will see their BPS payments prioritised where they have not already been paid.

 NFU President Meurig Raymond said: “We are glad that following our calls for RPA and Defra to prioritise those affected by flooding in Northern England, the government have taken steps to prioritise BPS payments for those members in the most affected areas.

 “For members whose lives have been disrupted by Storm Desmond this will come as a welcome relief. We ask the RPA to distribute these payments as soon as possible to ensure the rebuilding process can begin.

“While this is a positive step, we continue to call upon Government to make payments to our members in other parts of the country who are waiting for their payments and will face a very difficult few months ahead until the delayed payment situation is resolved.”