APHA TB Guidance

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With changing requirements around testing and TB restrictions, another element of stress is often added to a farmer either undergoing a TB test or facing herd restrictions.

Here, the animal health and welfare team have provided links to all of the information provided by the APHA (formally AHVLA) and we will continue to update this page as more guidance is available.

Overview and testing

Bovine TB overview

Testing for TB in your herd

What happens if TB is identified in your herd

Pre and post movement testing


Biosecurity in high-incidence areas

Biosecurity in low-incidence areas


TB in non-bovines

Tuberculosis in goats

Markets for restricted cattle

Dedicated sales for TB restricted cattle

Slaughter markets for the sale of TB restricted cattle

List of approved premises


Approved Finishing Unit (AFU) application?

Additional CPH application for an Officially TB Free (OTF) premises

Approved TB isolation unit application

Approved TB isolation unit guidance

Licensed Finishing Unit (LFU) guidance

Licensed Finishing Unit (LFU) application 

Radial testing

Radial testing in England: Practical guidance from APHA

Changes to bTB Surveillance: Bovine TB information note covering 3k contiguous testing, and changes introduced from 1st January 2013 around TB testing.

APHA briefing note covering radial testing: Details of the extended TB surveillance around herds with OTF status Withdrawn (OTF-W) due to a new breakdown in four-yearly testing areas for Official Veterinarians.

Bovine TB information notes

TB testing changes for cross compliance penalties and surveillance tests: Information note on TB testing changes for cross compliance TB controls: introduction of six-monthly surveillance tests and penalties for late testing on most types of TB tests.

Changes to TB cattle movement controls exemptions: Information note explaining changes to TB cattle movement controls to remove the pre-movement testing exemption for Sole Occupancy Authorities.

Badger vaccination fund 2019/2020: Information note on Bovine TB explains that Defra are re-opening the Badger Vaccination Fund for 2017.

Ending the practice of partial de-restriction: Information note on Bovine TB: changes to TB Cattle Movement Controls ending the practice of de-restricting parts of TB-restricted holdings.

Removal of common land pre-testing exemption: From 30 June 2014, movements of cattle aged 42 days of age or older to and from common land will no longer be exempt from pre-movement testing.

Strengthening cross compliance TB controls: This information note details the changes Defra made to enhance the existing cross compliance process for overdue TB tests.

The Edge Area strategy:An information note for cattle industry representatives and cattle keepers on the TB ‘edge’ area strategy. This note provides more detail on the timing of the introduction of the new TB control measures in the edge area.

Cattle Tracing System (CTS) links and the Edge Area: An information note for cattle industry representatives and cattle keepers about Cattle Tracing System (CTS) links and the new TB ‘edge’ area strategy.

This includes details of options available to farmers who are looking to establish CTS links between holdings spanning different TB risk areas, or where CTS links are to be removed as part of the strategy. CTS links between holdings located in the ‘edge’ area are unaffected.

Measures for the TB Edge Area strategy: An information note for cattle industry representatives and cattle keepers on the new TB ‘edge’ area strategy. This includes the reasons for the strategy and details of new measures to be rolled out from October.