Are you a good neighbour?

Bird scarer in countryside_9883

One way to keep clear of any potential issues involving the public when using gas guns is to follow the NFU Code of Practice which is available here. 

Gas guns should be used in a managed and responsible way not only to maintain their effectiveness against birds but also to make sure that they do not cause annoyance and disturbance to other rural residents and the public.

People can complain to a local council that a noise amounts to what is known as a “statutory nuisance”.  Environmental Health Officers can take legal action if it is established that a noise is “excessive, unreasonable and significantly interferes with a person’s use and enjoyment of their home”. It is also possible for members of the public to make a complaint directly to the magistrate’s court if they feel aggrieved by a statutory nuisance.

Following the NFU’s Code of Practice is a constructive way for farmers and growers to demonstrate that gas guns are being used in a legitimate way to achieve a legitimate aim. Indeed, we know that local authorities look to see if the Code has been followed as a first step in dealing with a complaint.