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Stock Valuations 

Taxation: General

BG172Basic Payment Scheme - Taxation & Accounting ImplicationsTaxation: General
BG161Employment or Self-employment for Tax and National InsuranceTaxation: Employment
BG060Should Smaller Farmers and Growers Register for VAT?Taxation: VAT
BG072Tenant Farmers and Capital Gains TaxTaxation: CGT
BG159Business Asset Disposal ReliefTaxation: CGT
BG027Partnerships - Notes on their Commercial and Taxation AspectsBusiness Structures
BG040Farming as a Limited CompanyBusiness Structures
BG101Red Diesel - Incorporating the Memorandum of Agreement for on road useTransport: Tax & Licensing
BG868Fire SafetyHealth & Safety
BG874The Safe Handling, Storage and Use of ChemicalsHealth & Safety
BG878Safe Use & Operation of User Worked Rail CrossingsHealth & Safety
BG912The Assured Shorthold TenancyLand