NFU welcomes EU position on origin labelling

Mother and daughter buying milk_25737

A non-binding resolution was approved by the full Parliament during a vote in Strasbourg yesterday (Thursday May 12). 

The resolution confirms the need for greater transparency within food labelling, and asks for the Commission to revisit its position and ‘implement the mandatory indication of country of origin for all kinds of drinking milk, dairy products and meat products’. It also highlights the success of voluntary labelling schemes but argues that legislation should be brought forward on labelling ‘as a priority’.

NFU Deputy President Minette Batters said: “I am very pleased that members of the European Parliament have supported the NFU on clear dairy and meat labelling. We have been working with MEPs on this for a long time – in particular Glenis Willmott MEP and Julie Girling MEP – and it is positive to see the Parliament taking a stance which could so clearly help both farmers and consumers. 

“We know that UK shoppers want to know where the milk comes from in their dairy products, for example, but that’s not always possible with confusing labels. I very much hope to see the European Commission engage positively following this vote to help ensure that consumers are fully aware when British meat and dairy are used in manufactured products.”