NFU Employment Service

Member eligibility

The following NFU members can save up to 15% on the NFU Employment Service.

  • NFU Farmer & Grower, Partner and Family Subscriber
  • NFU Pro Business

What does the service include?

We are aware that many members employ staff. We also know that running a business has never been more complicated, especially when it comes to employment legislation. The NFU Employment Service will provide you with the practical help and assistance you need to:

  • Issue the correct documentation to your staff
  • Follow defined and compliant processes and procedures
  • Deal quickly and effectively with any employment queries or issues
  • Understand the legal ramifications of the decisions you make

Why is this a good deal?

  • There is no limit on calls to the NFU employment team and you can request the same employment expert each time you call
  • It includes a comprehensive and user friendly Employment Manual that provides clear information and guidance on all aspects of employment law
  • A CD of over 75 document templates are provided for you to use as your own, including everything from contracts and policies to letters and procedures. Plus - if you need to amend the templates to suit your exact requirements you can utilise the Document Checking Service. Our team of employment experts will check your documents before they are issued
  • You receive regular news and updates to keep you up to date with all the latest employment news and information through our magazine, email bulletins and updates to the Employment Manual

How do I get more information and a quote?

Simply call the NFU Employment Service on 0370 840 0234, email aW5mb0BuZnVlbXBsb3ltZW50c2VydmljZS5jb20= or visit the website here.