An EU Referendum message from NFU DG Terry Jones


Not only will thousands of British farmers and growers want to know how this result will impact their farm businesses but we'll also need to campaign to create the right conditions for farming businesses to thrive. 

To guide our thinking we have already set up a post-referendum policy taskforce and on July 1 NFU Council will hold an extraordinary meeting. But having done that we want our grass roots members throughout England and Wales to lead our policy development. We’ll be talking to members about a whole host of issues including trade, support and regulation. 

The strength and depth of NFU membership means that we can truly represent the views of the industry to our most important stakeholders. That strength of membership will also add considerable weight to our campaign to get the best deal possible for British agriculture. 

The road ahead is uncertain for the UK but our teams in Stoneleigh, Westminster and Brussels will be seeking to create an environment within which British farming businesses can thrive. The NFU will explain to decision makers why farmers must be able to trade with Europe on a level playing field. We will tell those in the corridors of power how farmers in the UK will expect access to labour and markets to ensure a successful future for their businesses. 

It is my role to take this strategy forward, on behalf of the NFU and its members, so we can work towards achieving our ultimate goal – a profitable, sustainable and resilient future for British farming.