Our response to AHDB plans

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The NFU has broadly welcomed the blueprints, and has made comments on the overall strategy and the sector-specific strands. The AHDB has laid out the challenges it sees ahead and outlined what it proposes to do to help.

It's core aim is to help farmers, growers and the industry succeed in a rapidly-changing world and the new strategy is its route map to a world-class food and farming industry inspired by, and competing with, the best.

The AHDB believes it can help to achieve this by focusing its efforts across all sectors on four key priorities:

- Inspiring British farming and growing to be more competitive and resilient
- Accelerating innovation and productivity growth through coordinated R&D and knowledge exchange
?- Helping the industry understand and deliver what consumers will trust and buy
- Delivering thought leadership and horizon scanning.

Our responses

NFU responses can be found below, and a copy of the each of the draft sector strategies and overall three-year corporate strategy can be found on the AHDB website.

AHDB has also indicated in its submission to ministers that it will not ask for a change of levy rates  2017-18.