"British farmers have so much to contribute"

Meurig Raymond at the Yorkshire Show_36738

Mr Raymond told the Radio Four programme the NFU would like to see tariff-free access to the European Union and that access to labour for farming businesses remains crucial.

“Farming underpins the biggest manufacturing sector in the UK – it’s worth £108bn and it employs 3.9 million people,” he said.

“It’s so important that we have a fair a deal as possible with unfettered access into the European market.

“We’ve always said we need seasonal workers to harvest the fruit and vegetables in the field. We need a reliable competent workforce to do skilled work. I believe that we have something to negotiate with government in the weeks ahead and I can assure you that’s what we’ll be doing on behalf of our members. This must be a Brexit for all in the UK and British farmers have so much to contribute.”

Listen to the interview here (from 10mins 15sec).