NFU17: Next generation paves the way

Simon Gadd, Alastair Wilson next generation day 2 conference 2017_41378

Carving the future

Forum chairman Richard Bower said: “I believe Farming is the best job in the world. I have grown up knowing that so many outside influences affect our industry. Getting involved with the NFU has shown me that we have a voice and can be involved in policy which affects us.

 “The way the forum is positioned is that we cover all policies, hopefully having a representative from each region and each farming sector. We have a fantastic opportunity to get involved, and the forum represents that positive outlook on the future of our much-loved industry.”


“We now have the fantastic opportunity to write our own agricultural policy, unlike previous generations. The future is not in my hands, it is in yours,” Mr Bower told delegates.

“There are a lot of high quality younger NFU members who need encouraging and engaging with to manage our volatile future maintaining food and energy security, improving the environment and reconnecting with the end consumer.”

Vice chairman Simon Gadd said: “We are currently entering into turbulent times with Brexit on the horizon. I believe we are at a very pivotal point where communities need reminding of the great work we do as farmers and custodians of the countryside.”

Lobbying for change

Mr Bower added: “For me, the forum is filling a gap, for farmers who are in the 26 to 40 age bracket that are too old for NFYFC but feel if they go to an NFU branch meeting they will be the youngest person there.

“This is our objective of the forum – to provide a younger lobbying angle for the NFU. It is a succession plan for the union, and a step on the ladder.”