NFU launches new Discovery Barn

Discovery Barn selfie_43458

NFU Vice President Guy Smith said: “After inspiring thousands of children with positive messages about agriculture over the past 15 years, we feel it’s time to bring our Let’s Talk Farming educational offering bang up-to- date. We’ve enlisted the help of the country’s top experts in education and visitor attractions to develop a fun and interactive experience, aimed to get children excited about food and farming.

 “The activities have been carefully created to educate children about the realities of farming, such as tractors and technology. It is all about offering a true representation of farming in a way that children can understand.”

The Discovery Barn is a new mobile trailer, which combines games and fascinating facts for primary school children to learn on their own without teachers or assistance. And with a handful of shows under its belt, the Discovery Barn has already made a lasting impression.

So far nearly 3,500 children have visited the Discovery Barn at four shows, with

92% of visitors rating their experience as ‘good’ or ‘very good’.

Discovery Barn magnetic maze_43456At the Discovery Barn’s first outing this year, visitors to the Norfolk Agricultural Society’s Spring Fling were very positive about the experience.  One parent, Jerry Perkins, said: “The Discovery Barn is great and so approachable. Everyone wants to get involved with it and wanted a chance to try the combine steering activity. My son Freddy loved it.”

Another happy family were Charlotte Hornby and her daughter Lucy. Charlotte said: “My daughter was very engaged with the tractor driving and magnetic maze. She also had a great time milking Annabelle the cow.”

Ruby Burrage’s father said: “It's really interactive, that's what the kids want. We had a really good time" and Violet Fincham’s father Craig said: “It was nice and interactive, gets the kids involved. They just wanted to go back in!"

From April to November you can see the Discovery Barn at more than 30 school events, county shows and food festivals in the UK.  For details check out our events schedule available online.Discovery Barn exterior