NFU Deadweight Market Transparency Survey

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Deadweight Market Transparency Survey

Fancy an NFU fleece? Complete our survey and upload kill sheets and payment specification to receive your free fleece!

Livestock farmers have long called for greater access to open and accurate information when marketing their stock deadweight. This issue is constantly raised by members and improving the position and consistency of the information the farmer receives from the supply chain is a key aim for the NFU livestock team.

As part of the NFU’s ongoing work to help provide producers with access to clear, comparable pricing information, the livestock team is collecting data from members on the specifications, levied charges and individual processor terms and conditions from both beef and lamb processors.

The focus will specifically be on:

  • Variations in dressing specs
  •  Payment grid changes
  •  Weighing and grading specification
  •  Deductions relating to movements, residencies, max carcass weights, breed, insurance, classification and anti/post-mortem inspection
  • Rounding down
  • Hot-cold rebate issues

The survey

We are asking individual producers to complete a short questionnaire and upload kill sheets and specification sheets for beef and lamb for the following time periods:

  1. July 2017
  2. February 2017
  3. November 2016
  4. Other month between December 2016 and June 2017

The data from this survey will then be analysed and collated to create a report providing an accurate and transparent comparison of processor pricings and specifications across England & Wales.

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Example kill sheet

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Example specifications sheet

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