NFU joins call to put rural issues on government agenda

Church and fields, Kent_7552

The Rural Coalition has organised a parliamentary reception to launch its 2017 Rural Coalition Statement on Thursday. It is letting government know that it is available as a sounding board for government policy.

Above all, its members want a Brexit deal and domestic policy agenda that works for rural communities.

NFU Deputy President Minette Batters, who will be attending the event, has highlighted the importance of a government which works for both farmers and growers and their rural communities. She said: “The strength of the Rural Coalition is that it brings together key rural partners where we have common goals to promote more effective rural policy and where we can act to share good practice.

“Issues such as lack of affordable rural homes, poor provision of broadband and mobile phone coverage, lack of public transport and poor access to health care are increasing priorities that impact on the farm families and their businesses.

“The Rural Coalition Statement highlights not only how important these issues are for rural communities but also how and why there needs to be rural focused solutions, with devolution of Government powers also needing to ensure they maintain a rural focus.”

The following organisations are members of the Rural Coalition: