NFU responds to ASA ruling on vegan advert

Michael Oakes, Dairy Chairman_39247

He said: “The NFU is surprised at this latest ruling from the ASA because, in our view, Go Vegan World’s poster presents an inaccurate representation of the British dairy industry and, therefore, has the potential to mislead the public.  

“Sadly, adverts like this one fail to recognise the high standards of animal welfare farmers adhere to. British dairy farmers take the health, welfare and well-being of their cows and calves very seriously.

“Nearly all British dairy farms are Red Tractor assured, which means they are regularly inspected against animal health and welfare, environmental, and food safety standards, while all major retailers recognise Red Tractor standards.

“The public can be confident when buying Red Tractor dairy products that the food is safe and the animals are well treated. We urge shoppers that want to buy British, quality food to look out for the Red Tractor logo.”