Greenhouse gas audits – tell us your views

19 October 2023

New hedgerow

Defra intends to develop a harmonised carbon footprinting approach to help farmers and growers measure and reduce their GHG emissions in 2024. We went out to members to find out their views. Results out soon.

19 October 2023

We surveyed our members

The NFU's climate team asked for members thoughts and experiences with carbon calculators.

Doing GHG audit on farm is crucial for assessing how much GHGs (greenhouse gases) are produced by farming practices and we need your views.

Right across our sector resilience plans we saw there was a common goal to provide more support for farmers in using carbon calculators as decision-making tools.

The reason for this survey is related to Defra's plan to develop a unified approach for calculating the carbon footprint of farming activities. By 2024, Defra intends to offer support and guidance to help farmers and growers measure and reduce GHG emissions effectively. The insights gathered through this survey will play a significant role in shaping these efforts.

Our survey was carried out in line with Market Research Society code of conduct and all responses will be aggregated and analysed anonymously.


  • NFU Climate team seek member feedback in a 8-10 minute survey.