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NFU Farm Status Indicator

Select five elements that you are working to implement on your farm from the three pillars below, choosing at least one topic from each pillar. If there are more or less than five, choose the five which are most relevant to you and your business.

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Once you have made all your selections, you'll be scored between 0 and 5, with 5 being the closest to achieving net zero. You will also be given relevant resources to help you improve your score.

1. Boosting productivity and reducing emissions

2. Farmland carbon storage

3. Coupling bioenergy to carbon capture, utilisation and storage

You must choose at least 1 topic per pillar

You must choose 5 topics in total.

Have you increased productivity using any of these methods? Tick all that apply

Have you used legumes and/or precision farming methods for crops (including grass) to deliver nutrients more efficiently and/or reduce emissions? Tick all that apply

Have you taken steps to avoid compaction and loosen compacted soils in cropland and pasture using any of the below methods?

Have you engaged in any of the below energy efficiency measures on your farm to reduce fuel and/or electricity use?

Do have an integrated pest management (IPM) plan in place to minimise the use of pesticides?

Have you tried to maintain or increase organic matter in your soils? Tick all that apply

Have you changed your grassland management in last 5 years using any of these methods? Tick all that apply

Have you taken any of these other steps to maintain or increase farmland carbon storage in the last 5 years?

Proportion of farm energy needs met by onsite renewables

Do you produce and use or supply biomass/ bio-material to other users? Examples include: hemp, wool, AD for biogas plant, grain for biofuels, straw for heat and power plant, litter combustion

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