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A map of the UK marking pledges

Are you on a net zero journey?

The more farmers who come together to make a pledge for net zero, the bigger change we can make. Each and every action counts.

Many of our members are already taking positive steps to make their farms net zero by 2040 - and that deserves recognition. For farmers and growers, pledging demonstrates they are committed to taking at least one of the many net zero measures on farm to help the sector reach our 2040 ambition.

The more members who come together to make a pledge for net zero, the bigger change we can make. Each and every action counts.

Add your initiatives to the map using the form further down this page.

Net zero pledge map

How the pledge map works 

Simply zoom in and click on the stars / tabs to see what has been pledged in your local area.

When you pledge for net zero on our map, you're joining with other farmers and landowners who also believe that together we can make a massive contribution to combat climate warming.

Your pledge will show on our public-facing net zero Pledge Map alongside all the others who are joining the land force for good.

Your pledge will be anonymous and the map will only zoom to 10km on the google maps scale bar. Scroll down to add your details.

Send in your videos

Make sure you capture the magic and send in your videos to [email protected] as you try new measures. It will help us inform other members, the wider industry and the public.

We’ll share with you useful sources of information and tools to make sure you are up to date with how to become more productive, store carbon or invest in renewables and the bioeconomy.

Top 5 counties

Here's the leaderboard for pledges by county:

Devon 30
York East 23
Berks Bucks & Oxon 16
Kent 15
Leics Northants & Rutland 14

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