Don't miss out on Countryside COP and the net zero conversation

Shropshire farming scene from the peak of The Lawl

The first ever Countryside COP has started. Packed with events that will showcase inspiring net zero activity in rural communities. It's the perfect way to learn about the many opportunities available as we all aim for net zero.

The week of Countryside COP virtual events will bring together rural businesses, organisations and experts in a series of seminars covering key issues, from science and innovation to food systems, and will explore future opportunities and climate adaptation options.

Join in the conversation

Everyone who has an interest in the rural community and climate change are being encouraged to join the conversation and contribute to boosting net zero action.

NFU Deputy President Stuart Roberts said: “Countryside COP is a fantastic opportunity to showcase contributions from the rural community and the British food supply chain to a net zero and resilient economy.”

Producing sustainable food

Stuart went on the explain, “For farmers, ultimately this is about producing food as sustainably as possible. We are currently 60% self-sufficient in food and we want government to ensure this figure is maintained as a measure of our food security, as well as developing an ambition for growth.

“As a country whose emissions from livestock are already half the global average, we continue to see some incredible work to both reduce emissions and adapt to climate impacts, and the aim of these events is to drive further ambition and action.”

Ahead of COP26 these conversations are even more important given that farming and food production are not on the UK’s agenda for the conference.

“We all know the importance of sustainable food production in tackling the climate crisis, as do the public,” Stuart said, “so we must do what we can to demonstrate the role agriculture, land use and rural communities have to play in a net zero economy.”

Stronger when we work together

The Agriculture & Land Use Alliance said: “All of us have a part to play on the road to net zero, and we are stronger when working together. The Countryside COP is an opportunity for everyone with an interest in the countryside and rural economy to come together and speak out about the real and tangible outcomes of our journey to net zero.”

“This journey is complex, but there is no shortage of professionalism and knowledge within the rural community, and all who support food and farming. This is the time to utilise and invest in this expertise, so we can help contribute to the government’s net zero target, all while continuing to produce fantastic, affordable food for people at home and abroad.

“This is a chance to really showcase the important role of UK agriculture and climate-friendly food production in reaching our national net zero ambitions, and how we can all contribute to a positive future for our planet.”

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