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Livetec Systems

Livetec Systems are the industry leaders for biosecurity services, disease prevention requirements, animal welfare solutions and outbreak resolution.

Free Livetec Systems App

The Livetec Systems App provides real-time avian influenza outbreak notifications that give you instant access to the information you need to protect your birds. This app is an ideal tool for both farmers and backyard bird keepers who want to stay informed and keep their birds safe.

The main features that keep you informed in the free Livetec Systems App include:

  • Instant outbreak notifications: Receive instant notifications and guidance should you find yourself within a Surveillance or Protection Zone, enabling you to take the necessary steps to remain vigilant and compliant.
  • Real-time bird flu monitoring across the UK: Stay informed and up-to-date about confirmed cases of avian influenza across the UK with our interactive national map, allowing you to be alert should cases start to arise near your premises.
  • Historical avian influenza cases: Use historical data to make informed decisions. Disease outbreaks have often followed patterns and this critical data can be used to forecast when and where outbreaks could occur, map geographical spread and help predict outbreak severity.
  • FREE National Outbreak Plan (RRP £174.95): Access our National Outbreak Plan, an easy to navigate document designed to explain the process of dealing with a disease outbreak - filled with guidance on declaring a disease, navigating licensing, regulations and restrictions as well as managing the media.

More offers from Livetec Systems

  • 20% off the Livetec Nex: The NEX is the award-winning, hand-held cervical neck dislocation device, it’s a humane and efficient tool for despatching individual birds up to 5kg on-farm without any limits on numbers.
  • 10% off the Livetec Contingency Planning Package: Subject to using Livetec’s Biosecurity Advisory Service, NFU members can save 10% on The Livetec Systems Contingency Plan which includes
    • Biosecurity Plan
    • Emergency Response Plan
    • National Outbreak Plan
    • Cleaning and Disinfection Plan
    • Bespoke Farm Mapping

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