Joe Stanley

Joe Stanley

NFU Environment Forum member

Joe Stanley is a farmer who has dedicated his career to promoting sustainable farming practices.

For over 12 years, Joe farmed at home on a mixed arable and livestock farm, gaining valuable experience in dairy, beef, arable, and sheep, before moving to the Allerton Project, a 320-hectare research and demonstration farm located on the border between Leicester and Rutland. Joe joined the Allerton Project in 2021 and currently has the role Head of Training and Partnerships. Joe is also the County Chair for Leicestershire Northamptonshire and Rutland and sits on the East Midlands Crops Board.

The Allerton Project has been at the forefront of promoting sustainable farming practices for over 30 years. As a research and demonstration farm, it has pioneered many of the approaches that are now being encouraged under the UK's Environmental Land Management scheme (ELMs). For example, the project developed and pioneered techniques such as beetle banks, supplementary feeding, and pollen and nectar mixes, which are now being widely used to promote biodiversity in farming. The project is also currently leading research into soil health and soil carbon, which is becoming increasingly important.

Joe is passionate about the integration of ecosystem services within the farm system. This involves bringing nature and farming closer together, rather than treating them as separate entities. Joe believes that integrating ecosystem services, such as water storage, carbon sequestration, and pollination, into the farm system is essential for promoting long-term sustainability in agriculture. This approach has been a key focus of the Allerton Project's work in recent years.

In addition to his work at the Allerton Project, Joe is a published author and regular contributor to Farmers Weekly and the NFU Countryside Magazine. His book, "Farm to Fork: The Challenge of Sustainable Farming in 21st Century Britain," provides a non-farming audience with insights into the basics of modern, British agriculture and the key issues facing the industry today. Joe's goal is to disseminate the information that the Allerton Project has collected over the last 30 years to help farmers transition to more environmentally sustainable practices.

Overall, Joe Stanley is a highly respected figure in the UK agricultural sector, known for his expertise in sustainable farming and his commitment to promoting long-term sustainability in the industry. His work at the Allerton Project and in the wider agricultural community has had a significant impact on the development of sustainable farming practices in the UK, and he continues to be a leading voice in the conversation about the future of farming in the country.