Phil Bicknell

Phil Bicknell

Head of Business Development, CIEL

Phil is an agricultural economics graduate from the University of Reading and his career includes a range of agri-food roles.

Prior to joining CIEL, Phil led the 50 strong market intelligence team at the Agricultural and Horticultural Development Board, equipping farmers and processors with the insight to manage market volatility, profitability, and policy change.

Phil was also chief economist at the National Farmers’ Union, spearheading the evidence to support a range of lobbying activity. Phil’s other roles include specialising in agri-trade issues at the US Department of Agriculture and advising a range of agribusiness clients with Bidwells.


CIEL is a world-leading farm animal research alliance, helping to bring new technologies and processes to livestock food production within the UK and worldwide.

It provides leadership, support and a platform for a world class hub of collaborative expertise, tackling the issues that no one part of the livestock food production sector can address alone.

Acting as the broker for one of the world’s largest livestock science hubs, CIEL work with leading researchers and industry partners across the supply chain to identify challenges, potential solutions and routes to research and development (R&D) funding.

Working with their members, CIEL deliver and support a range of grant applications across the livestock sector, securing funding from a variety of sources for projects.