Applying for a hedge cutting derogation

First published: 29 June 2022

A picture of the edge of a field and a hedge, taken from ground level

The NFU's BPS advisers explain the process of applying for a hedge cutting derogation.

The rules on cutting hedges and trees are set out in the cross compliance standard GAEC 7a: Boundaries and 7c: Trees.

Q&A on applying for a derogation to cut hedges in August

We've worked with Defra and the RPA to clarify the process of obtaining a derogation to cut hedges in the month of August, which is allowed within GAEC 7a. 

This process has been set out in a jointly agreed Q&A. 

Read the Q&A for applying for the derogation in this briefing: Hedge cutting derogation

Our aim was to ensure the process does not dictate the outcome, that it is straightforward and meets the needs of the industry.

This derogation follows NFU lobbying.

Read more information on NFU lobbying activity in this briefing: Hedge cutting derogation

Further information

The rules on hedge cutting can be found in the 2022 cross compliance handbook on GOV.UK: Guide to cross compliance in England 2022

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