Buy My Turkey Day 2023 – How you can get involved

16 November 2023

An image of a Buy My Turkey Day cardboard carrier

The NFU’s #BuyMyTurkey campaign is back on 17 November. Find out how you can get involved and support local farmers by purchasing your Christmas turkey directly from a producer near you.

There are over 240 farms on our Turkey Finder, which includes an interactive map to make it even easier for shoppers to locate their nearest producers. 

The NFU’s #BuyMyTurkey campaign promote our 4 key messages:

  1. Use the NFU Turkey Finder to buy a local turkey directly from the farm gate.
  2. Ask your butcher if they are selling British turkeys.
  3. Look out for the Red Tractor logo if buying from a supermarket
  4. Buying a whole bird instead of a crown is better value for money.

How to get involved

You can get involved by: 

  • using the hashtag #BuyMyTurkey on social media from 17 November – read our tips on what to post
  • getting your business details listed on the Turkey Finder, if you are a turkey producer who is not already listed on the tool. Contact our team here to be added.

What to include in your social media posts

In previous years the campaign has been hugely successful in promoting buying local and British turkeys for Christmas. Last year, the campaign reached more than 100,000 people online. 

  1. Don't forget to use our #BuyMyTurkey hashtag and tag the NFU's social media pages in your posts.
  2. Share the link to the NFU Turkey Finder link:
  3. Engage your audience with questions like "Where are you buying your Christmas turkey?" or share insights about keeping turkeys happy and healthy.
  4. Add some fun to your posts by using emojis relevant to #BuyMyTurkey. Some of the emojis you might want to use include the turkey, the British or Welsh flag, the Christmas tree emoji, or the dinner plate.
  5. Capture attention with eye-catching images or videos of your turkeys and farms looking their best.

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