Combinable crops board supports YEN Zero network

31 October 2022

An image of the YEN Zero logo; a white circle with a green outline

Following a successful pilot year, the NFU is once again involved in the YEN Zero network as it begins its first full official year as part of the YEN Network.

YEN Zero calculates and benchmarks growers’ crop emissions footprint on a field basis, helping identify hotspots and possible mitigation strategies. 

The network was launched to help support agriculture's journey to net zero, and focuses on the analysis and benchmarking of carbon footprints for combinable crops.

Members of the Crops Board will join growers across YEN Zero’s 17 supporting organisations in sharing their field data to compare emissions between farms, fields and crops.

What is YEN Zero?

YEN Zero, the newest-established network in the Yield Enhancement Network (YEN) family led by ADAS, aims to bring key players from across the agricultural industry together to understand better what drives variation in crop emissions.

It seeks to trial and explore which mitigation strategies work best, helping farmers work towards the NFU ambition of achieving net-zero emissions by 2040.

YEN Zero hopes to create a space to share knowledge on net-zero topics. It also sets out to establish a better cross-industry understanding and alignment of metrics for calculating cropping carbon footprints, and test mitigation strategies across different farms to find out what works.

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