Community spirit bears fruit on Cambridgeshire farm

08 January 2024

Environment and climate
Volunteers in a field

A Cambridgeshire farmer has praised the ‘amazing’ community spirit in the area as people came together to plant hundreds of fruit trees on his farm.

Volunteers helped plant 460 trees at NFU member Tom Martin’s farm, west of Peterborough, during two community tree-planting days. The apple, pear, cherry, plum, medlar, crab apple and damson trees will bring many benefits to both the farm and the wider community.

They will provide shelter and habitat for wildlife, help the soil, improve drainage, remove harmful carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and produce fruit in the years to come.

Tree-planting will play an important role in the NFU’s ambitions to deliver net zero for greenhouse gas emissions across the whole of agriculture in England and Wales by 2040.

Farmer Tom Martin

Tom has established a popular social media presence where he aims to give people an insight into farm life.

He said: “I put a post on social media inviting people to come to the farm and take part in our tree planting days. There was a great response and it shows the amazing community spirit that exists out there.

“Some people came out because they are passionate about helping the environment while others came out to enjoy a nice day out on the farm. Some brought their children along and there was a great mix of people out on the farm.”

Tom said he would like to thank everyone who participated in the planting days, which took place either side of Christmas, and also thank the Woodland Trust, which funded most of the trees.

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