COP26 – 200 countries sign the Glasgow Climate Pact

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson speaking to world leaders at COP26 climate change summit in Glasgow, November 1, 2021

Nearly 200 countries have signed the Glasgow Climate Pact, which asks countries to republish their climate action plans, with more ambitious emissions reduction targets for 2030, by the end of next year. Crucially, the agreement also includes phasing down coal.

Commenting on the deal which was struck at the end of COP26, NFU Deputy President Stuart Roberts said: “It is good to see a broad range of pledges from the UK and governments across the world, strengthening their commitment to tackling climate change, and sending a clear signal that phasing down fossil fuel use is key.

“Farming and food production is on the front line of the fight against climate change and commitments like these will be crucial for the continued development of resilient, climate-friendly food production systems across the world.

“It is very disappointing that there has been little direct focus on the role agriculture can play in tackling climate change. British agriculture has a huge amount to offer as part of the solution to climate change and we need the support of government policy, industry and other partners to achieve our 2040 net zero ambition.”

The COP26 climate talks in Glasgow have been a once-in-a-generation opportunity for the UK to show leadership in the field of global climate change.

Despite some last-minute disappointment over changes to the wording of the Glasgow Climate Pact, namely watering down language on “phasing out” coal to “phasing down”, the signal emanating from COP26 is very clear – that coal, oil and gas are on the way out, to be replaced by clean technologies.

The NFU notes the broad range of other commitments from the UK government and governments across the world, on halting deforestation by 2030, on cutting methane emissions (mostly from oil and gas) and ending the sale of fossil-fuel powered vehicles.

Vice President Stuart Roberts

“British agriculture has a huge amount to offer as part of the solution to climate change.”

NFU Deputy President Stuart Roberts

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