Defra launch new National Flood Management Roadmap

05 May 2021

Defra has published a new roadmap to Natural Flood Management (NFM) based on the ‘Enablers and Barriers to delivering NFM’ project, that the NFU contributed to and was published over a year ago.


The Suggested Roadmap based on the Enablers and Barriers to Delivering Natural Flood Management Projects Research (FD2713) aims to provide a suggested way of addressing the barriers and enablers identified within the research.

Using the findings from the project, five main actions have been identified from the specific barriers and enablers specified. They are broken down into a series of objectives to achieve that action. For each objective, a series of tasks have been set out to suggest how this objective can be met and what the result might consist of.

It is expected that this roadmap will be used internally by organisations under the Defra group to inform discussions about future action, and relevant teams will engage with any wider stakeholders as necessary within each task.

It should be noted that no external consultation was carried out in producing this roadmap.

Farming perspective

The NFU played a key role into feeding into the initial project. We have now extracted the key findings and produced a briefing that includes our thoughts on these – read our member only Defra Roadmap to Natural Flood Management..

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