Five years on: NFU reviews Flooding Manifesto progress

31 August 2021

We recognise we have a key role to play in flood management. Our Flooding Manifesto set out our clear policy asks and action for government and others to follow to help mitigate flood risk in the future. Find out where we are now, five years on.

Progress review: NFU Flooding Manifesto

Almost five years after we published our 2017 Flooding Manifesto, we thought we should review what progress has been made. 

We have measured progress against each ask with a green, amber and red traffic light system to indicate the progression of each of the NFU’s asks. Green means fully achieved; amber indicates ongoing progress and, red means no progress to date.


Read NFU Report: Flooding Manifesto review – August 2021 (members only) to find out what progress has been made.

What are our priorities now?

This review has been conducted to assess what further actions need to be taken to help manage flood risk in rural areas in line with the NFU’s Integrated Water Management Strategy and Levelling Up Rural Britain report and to indicate future priority work areas in this area.

NFU’s Deputy President, Stuart Roberts, says: “This review has provided an excellent opportunity for us to take stock with our Flooding Manifesto asks. More than four years has passed since its publication but so much has changed both politically and climatically. I believe it is important for us to take this opportunity to see where we are with managing flood risk in England, assess what more we can do but ensure that our industry is safeguarded in the process.

The Integrated Water Management Strategy that we published back in January this year, showed a step-change in how we as farmers can lead the way in managing our land to protect our livelihoods, whilst safeguarding the environment and local communities. The pledges that sit within our Strategy rely heavily upon the strategic policy asks that we set out in the Flooding Manifesto being taken up and acted on.

I look forward to utilising this comprehensive review to work with our partners, the government and its agencies to ensure we achieve the outstanding policy asks and ensure we collectively prioritise our work on areas that affect members year after year.”

If you need help

If you have been affected by flooding or need some advice about managing water on your land then NFU CallFirst is here for you on: 0370 845 8458 for free initial advice.

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