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26 March 2024

Environment and climate
Anaerobic Digestion

The NFU will be responding to the government’s Call for Evidence on developing future policy support ‘to maximise the potential of the biomethane market’. Submit your views to the NFU before 22 April to have your say.

The Department for Energy Security and Net Zero is seeking evidence to help develop a future policy framework to support biomethane.

Set out in five chapters, this Call for Evidence covers:

  • Whether to set a biomethane production target.
  • The current barriers holding back further growth of anaerobic digestion.
  • Optimisation of potential revenue streams from biomethane production, including adding value to digestate.
  • Recognition of multiple pathways to bio-based methane.
  • Consideration of a range of market-based incentive mechanisms.

You can find out more about the Call for Evidence at: GOV.UK | Future policy framework for biomethane production.

You can use the form below to submit your views to the NFU up until 22 April. You can also jump further down the page to read more on the NFU’s position.

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29 March 2024

The Department for Energy Security and Net Zero opens a Call for Evidence

The current Green Gas Support Scheme for AD (anaerobic digestion) opened in November 2021, and has been extended to March 2028 (although it hasn’t actually been a policy success so far in bringing forward new projects).

This consultation fulfils the commitment the government made in its March 2023 Energy Security Plan to consider further potential incentive mechanisms for both AD and non-AD routes to producing bio-based methane, with the expectation that the industry should become financially self-sustaining.

It recognises the role that biomethane production can play in the net zero transition, including by coupling AD to greenhouse gas removal (AD-BECCS), and confirms a commitment made in the 2023 Biomass Strategy to produce 30-40 terawatt-hours per year (TWh/year) of biomethane by 2050, about five times current output.

However, many in the AD industry believe that 50-100 TWh/year should be achievable by 2050.

The NFU advocated previously for greenhouse gas removal through AD pathways in our response to a June 2021 consultation on ‘Role of Biomass in Achieving Net Zero’ and February 2021 on ‘Greenhouse Gas Removals’.

We also highlighted the future potential of AD in our July 2020 consultation response on ‘Future support for low carbon heat’.

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  • February 2024: The Department for Energy Security and Net Zero launches a call for evidence to help develop a future policy framework for biomethane production.