Cattle keepers – help shape the future of bTB mapping

02 May 2024

A picture of a group of black cows stood in a barn eating from a trough

The ibTB development team needs user input from across the industry and stakeholders to further develop the site.

ibTB is an interactive tool mapping bovine tuberculosis. Its developers are seeking 30 “super users” to make up a testing panel. This is a unique opportunity to feed into the initial planning, review progress and offer feedback on which updates should be a priority and how it is presented.

The project will run over three years and aims to provide a greater range of bTB (bovine TB) information, so users are more informed about TB risk when making trading and management decisions. In the last five years, usage of the website has steadily increased, and the site achieved a million hits in late 2023.

An essential tool for livestock farmers

The free online ibTB interactive map shows both current and historical bTB data, with two displays – ‘the breakdown view’ or the ‘health ratings view’, for registered herds across England and Wales.

As the independent TB Advisory Service for England has said: “Using it is one of our top 10 recommendations. It is an essential tool for farmers to use to help them make informed decisions to reduce their TB risk.”

Interested farmers, vets and advisers can contact the team directly at [email protected] 

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