How mental health impacts on farm safety

13 February 2023

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We all know that safe practice in agriculture is important and can impact our physical wellbeing, but can mental health impact our ability to stay safe on farm? 

Increasing pressures on our mental health can increase work-related stress.

If work-related stress increases, it is likely to have a negative impact on how we are able to work as external pressures can distract us from the tasks at hand.

As such, poor mental health can have a direct impact on our ability to farm safely.

Addressing the root cause of farm fatalities

With the rates of fatalities in agriculture remaining stubbornly high, it is worth looking at why these levels are so high.

Only by addressing the root causes, and therefore changing the culture surrounding mental and physical wellbeing, can we begin to see a change in the statistics that are currently defining agriculture.

With on average of over 100 people dying within agriculture from either suicide or fatal injury, a significant proportion of the farming population is being lost unnecessarily.

It is time that these statistics changed.

Good mental health increases efficiency on farm

Mental health needs to be as much of a priority as our physical health. By taking care of our mental health our safety on farm, and therefore much of our physical health, is likely to improve.

As this improves, it is likely that our efficiency on farm will improve as well, as we are less distracted by external pressures and more able to focus on the tasks at hand.

If you or anyone you is struggling with their mental wellbeing, our wellbeing directory provides signposting to regional and national support networks. Visit: Find wellbeing support in your area | NFUonline

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