Lantra launches guide to employing an apprentice

07 February 2024

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Photograph: Jonathan Browning

A new toolkit from Lantra aims to help farm businesses access the essential information they need to start their apprenticeship journey.

As this week marks National Apprenticeship Week, Lantra’s new toolkit is set to help employers gain access to works with the skills and knowledge to help their businesses develop.

The apprenticeship system can be complex and difficult to navigate with difficulties around finding information and dealing with the admin and paperwork acting as potential barriers. 

Lantra research shows that although farmers do see the benefits of employing apprentices, they often struggle to find practical information about this employment and training route.

You can access the new toolkit at:

Making apprenticeships work for you

Marcus Potter, Chief Executive at Lantra, said: “We know there are labour shortages on farms, yet only a small number of farm businesses are employing apprentices’’.

“Employing an apprentice for the first time can seem like a challenge. Our new toolkit provides clear advice and step-by-step guidance to make the process easier, as well as the experience of one farm business that has already taken on an apprentice and has seen the benefits".

Farmers can make apprenticeships work for them, whilst easing the workload at very little extra cost.

Farmer John Aynsley

Mixed farmer John Aynsley said he thinks the guide will be “well-received by the farming community”.

Having employed an apprentice himself, he said: “An apprentice is more than an extra pair of hands. They bring a youthful energy, and eagerness to learn about everyday practical farming.

“Farmers can make apprenticeships work for them, whilst easing the workload at very little extra cost.”

Further resources

You can also find practical information on taking on and supporting an apprentice using the below links:

NFU support

All NFU members have access to the CallFirst member advice line. Our Legal and Technical advisers are able to provide further information on all aspects of employment law including advice on taking on an employee for the first time. Contact the CallFirst team on 0370 845 8458.

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